5 Traits Employees Want In a Boss

As the business owner, your job is to shape how your employees experience their work; joy versus despair, enthusiasm versus complaints, and good health versus stress.

Many bosses want to be good at what they do. However, they lack many essential qualities and mindsets that precede positive actions and behaviours. If you are the boss of an organisation, regardless of its size and nature, you need to strive to do great work by adjusting the way you think. Productive employees also lead to business growth and success.The beliefs and assumptions you hold about yourself, your work and your people will determine your actions.

A great boss knows how to manage his behaviour and performance. Great behaviour is important as it is what you say and do, and is the measurable result of work. One of great behaviours every boss should posses is by setting expectations clearly. They way you set expectations determines whether or not your employees are clear about what you want. Therefore, you should know how to give good directions. Check for understanding.

Then, you should keep things interesting. Workers won’t stay engaged unless they find their work interesting. Sometimes the work itself has intrinsic interest. However, more often, the way to keep people interested is to help them keep learning and developing.

According to Business News Daily, there are 5 traits employees want in a boss. For more details, read the article here:  http://www.businessnewsdaily.com/9584-best-boss-traits.html