Amazon’s arrival: how small businesses can compete with a retail Goliath

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If you run a small business and your company is up against some larger firms then it can sometimes be a daunting experience. Many of these small business owners feel that their company cannot compete on the same professional level as their competitors and could potentially miss out on business leads and new contracts. There are many ways that small businesses can give the appearance of being a larger company. Thanks to the internet!

Today, the way people do business has changed a lot and the Internet has played a vital role. It has revolutionised commerce, and how local businesses can compete with large national retailers.

Small business owners that have not yet included internet marketing as part of their overall marketing plan nowadays are missing out a lot especially on connecting with numerous consumers who are searching online for the product or service that their company sells.

Aside from marketing online, there are some other ways where Perth small businesses have great advantages when compared to giant corporations. One of which is that small businesses can be nimble, agile and react to changes very quickly, where as big corporations have lot of systems, bureaucracies and on top of all these valid problems, they have politics. So big corporations cannot be nimble and react to changes as quickly as small businesses can.

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