WA farmers reap rewards of huge increase in wool price

Australia is a country that is abundant in mineral resources of all kinds. In fact, Aussies witnessed the richest gold rush in history in the late nineteenth century. Today we remain as one of the biggest gold producers in the world and continue to explore new territory in the hope of repeating history.

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Aside from gold, Australia is also the world’s largest agricultural export producers particularly livestock. The country has been providing sheep and cattle to Asia, Africa, and Middle East for decades making us the number one live animal exporter.

At that time, Australia is also the world’s top wool producer. The country is also has the largest sheep population with China running second. For many decades, Australian Marino wool formed the backbone of Australian economy until the wool market crashed in 1989. This leaves Australia a lot of stock piles.

Few years back, the Australian government were more focused on short-term gains in ripping out coal and other raw materials, leaving massive holes in the ground and causing havoc to the environment. Funding to the farming industry and its communities has dwindled over the years and in some cases rail transport systems have been severed.

Luckily these days, the country is now starting to value wools. Many industries are now using wools for their manufacturing needs. It is a wonder fibre. It is water resistant because its fibres have hard outer layer which throws off water and its core absorbs moisture vapour without becoming damp. It is moisture wicking, the wool absorbing moisture from the body and it helps to keep the wearer dry and warm.

Because of these benefits that wool provides, wool has a huge increase in value allowing over 6 thousand Western Australian farmers to reap from this benefit. This increase is fuelled by insatiable demand from China and constrained supply from low sheep members.

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